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Rocket Monkeys will help you implement Nielsen's top three recommendations for building usable interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rocket Monkey?

Rocket Monkeys are our crowd sourced pool of Testers. We provide an incredibly diverse pool of demographics allowing you to test with experienced or novice users of all cultures, age and income groups.

What is a Video Test?

A test is a start URL, task and specific steps you can set. You can specify the demographics of the testers you want to run this test.

What do I get?

Our Testers will carry out your test and while doing so record their screen, webcam and microphone. You'll understand exactly what your tester was thinking while navigating your site. We'll also ask each user a set of standard usability questions to give you quantitative feedback on how you scored.

How many results do I need per test?

According to usability guru Jakob Nielsen, 5 tests are plenty. You may want to consider more if you have highly distinct groups of user types. This is also why we don't limit you on the number of tests you can run. We believe in fast feedback and interation.

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely. You can pre-purchase as few or many videos as you like. You're always in control of how many videos you want to receive per test. If you're on a power user subscription plan you can cancel any time.

How can I pay?

You pay via credit card directly within the Rocket Monkeys platform. We use stripe for secure payment processing.

How much are testers paid?

We pay testers depending on their demographics and experience level.