About Us

Welcome to Rocket Monkeys, the platform where web and application developers meet testers around the world!

We are software enthusiasts and progress lovers in search for new and effective methods, which will make the process of software development faster and more cost-effective.

Robert and tim

No matter what stage of development your product or offer is in - we want to connect you with your target audience. You can adapt and test until you have reached perfection - with a little help of your real users out there and without your dev team having to make any guesses.

You want to know how your users are dealing with your product / offer in real life, you can test your website, app or game at any time - your first test is free!

Developing an application can cost thousands of dollars. Testing it with focus groups in a laboratory too. Rocket Monkeys allows you to get instant real user feedback in an easy and inexpensive way, thus enabling you to spend your project money on other vital issues.

Are you a Rocket Scientist?

In case you are a website, a game or an app developer or contracted to create or test a website, a game or an app, then you are a Rocket Scientist. To start please use the green Log In button in the upper right hand side corner.

Are you a Rocket Monkey?

In case you want to work from home, have a functioning webcam and microphone and you love testing websites, apps and games, then you are a Rocket Monkey. To start please use the red Get Paid To Test button in the upper right hand side corner.

How does it work?

Sign Up as a Rocket Scientist and let us know which website you want our Rocket Monkeys to test. You can specify your target users demographics. You can choose one person or even set up your own focus group on the Rocket Monkeys platform, who will automatically be selected based on your criteria and who will carry out the task you have created.

Their screen interaction will be recorded together with their voice and video, giving you a REAL insight on how your users get along with your product. So the video test result will consist of two camera perspectives - one showing the tester and the other showing his or her screen.

What does a test look like?

Check out these examples of Rocket Monkeys running website tests.