Watch your customers experience your website, game or application

Get videos from real people using your site within hours

Direct video feedback

Watch recordings of real users


You are in control

Create tasks for your users to solve


Qualitative insights

Immediate realizations

Watch this example video test created with the Rocket Monkeys platform

Learn how you can improve your UX with remote video testing from our co-founders Robert & Tim

Importance of usability testing in software development

How remote video testing helps in agile software development

It's never been this easy to get qualitative user feedback

Step 1

You create tasks directly on the Rocket Monkeys platform.

Choose the sociodemographic data of your target market. Testers come from the Rocket Monkeys tester-pool or you can use your own panel.

Step 2

Testers fulfill the tasks without a moderator and in their natural environment.

Fast and cost-saving alternative to focus groups for testing usability of a website or an app.

Step 3

The result: a video recording of the tester via webcam and of screen viac screen grab technology.

You will receive the video result within one hour, directly in your mailbox.

Some of the sites that have been tested with Rocket Monkeys

Sites test with rocket monkeys logos

What our customers are saying

"With analytics we can see how our customer base is acting as a whole, but we often don't know why. Seeing a video of an individual interact with your site is pure gold."
Tara Olay, CMO

"Learning that your intuition of how easy your app was to use was wrong can be tremendously painful. But then you start fixing and healing, and the results are immediate."
Peter Schmill, CTO

"We test with 5 users only. Then we fix. Then we test again. That's how we get most value, by improving in iterations."
Germain Buslowski, Head of UX